Make ordering a piece of cake

Whisq, the online ordering platform that saves you time and money while running your kitchen more efficiently.


Save time

Connect with all of your suppliers in one place and save time by ordering from multiple suppliers in just one click.

Save money

Save money and make better purchasing decisions seeing and comparing prices upfront.

Gain control

Get reports and insights on your spend, match your order to what is received and gain control of your ordering.

Order on all your devices

All of your information, order history and expected deliveries are up to date, backed up to the cloud and synced across all of your devices. 

We understand what running a kitchen is like

Ordering shouldn't be something that gets in your way. Writing down supplier notes on paper, trying to remember when to order from which supplier for their cut off time, then having to order by phone, email and text message, only to find out that costs have creeped up after the invoices have come in...

There is a better way

We're bringing technology into the hospitality industry to help restaurants streamline their processes, get a handle on food costs and make improved purchasing decisions.

How it works

1. Register

Create an account and connect with all of your suppliers in one place.

2. Order

See and compare prices upfront to make smarter purchasing decisions.

3. Analyse

Keep track of your orders and compare with what you receive. 

There is a better way